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Shandong Haoyue New Materials Co., Ltd. is based on the field of super absorbent polymer, strictly follows the high-quality brand way, and devotes itself to providing a whole new experience for customers of sanitary napkin, diaper and other living goods. After ten years development, Haoyue has developed into a super absorbent polymer manufacturer integrating research and development, manufacturing, sale and service. Now it has six series including dozens of innovative products. At the same time, Haoyue has a public service platform of high absorption polymer. We can provide testing services of domestic and foreign SAP products according to international, national and industry standards. Although Haoyue history is short only more than ten years, its development speed is quickly, one year, one higher level.
The production capacity and sale volume are doubled year by year, showing geometric growth. The increasing is closely connected with enterprise scientific and technological innovation. From the beginning to the present, Haoyue has changed the traditional development pattern and worked a road of technology patentability-patent standardization-promoting standards into market, which laid a good foundation for quickly development. The 40000 tons production line is a significant turning point for Haoyue. At present, Haoyue has owned three national invention patents and eleven utility model patents. At the same time, we plan to apply for 3-5 national invention patents in the next 1-2 years to let goods become more and more perfect, which will not only continuously meet the customer demands, but also service to all over the world.

Doing a sustainable-development enterprise is the Haoyue’s development purpose and customer demand is the R&D direction, being the closest partner with the downstream company. In recent years, the diaper market has developed rapidly. In response to this demand, Haoyue developed a new kind of super absorbent polymer for diaper on the basis of sanitary napkin SAP series. What’s more, it obtained customer approval after putting into the market. At the same time, Haoyue also aimed at the international high-end pet pad market, and cooperated with related enterprises to research and develop SAP for pet pad from time to time, which are very popular in European and American countries. In addition, the products are also widely applied to agriculture water-retaining agent, undersea fiber cable and other production and living areas, which gain a higher praise from customers. Now we are devoting to develop and product SAP for adult care goods, which will bring happiness and service for the elderly.